Thursday, August 19, 2010

Books I recommend for beginning your Simple Living!!

It is hard to not think about all the wonderful and exciting things we are wanting to do and get ready for.  Getting rid of STUFF!  I want to share with you several books that I have checked out and absolutely love.

These are ebooks and will need to be purchased and read online:

Simply Car-Free, How to Pedal Toward Financial Freedom and a Healthier Life
By: Tammy Strobel

I wrote Simply Car-free to help people achieve their goals of saving money, improving their health, and living a simpler lifestyle. Reducing our dependence on cars clarified our priorities and showed us that anything is possible.

The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life   
By: Leo Babauta

What is a Minimalist Life?  It is one that is stripped of the unnecessary, to make room for that which gives you joy.  It's a removal of clutter in all its forms, Leaving you with freedom, peace and lightness.

Inside-Out Simplicity  
By: Joshua Becker
“…many people go through life having no clear sense of their true values. Instead, their desires are molded by the culture and the advertisements that bombard upon them each day. As a result, they find no consistency in life. No unity. Their desires change as fast as the culture and they are quickly swept off their feet by the newest fashion, the most recent technology, or the latest diet fad.”

How can people move past consumerism and find more unity in their lives?

One of Tammy Strobel's book is FREE to download:
Minimalist Health  
By: Tammy Strobel 

You only get one body and mind. If you don’t take care of both, it’s hard to create amazing art or get involved in your community. I hope this manifesto will help you improve your health and inspire you to change the world.

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