Friday, August 27, 2010

Finding time with Family!

With my parents here from Oklahoma the last 3 days and our son and his family living here in Lincoln we had no problem finding something to do but to spend time together as a family!  What a wonderful three days I had!  It was very, very rewarding and I am very blessed! 

I absolutely loved that the TV was only turned on once for about 30 minutes and that was to check out the weather situation.  With our son being such a wonderful cook and loving to come up with his own recipes, I bought the food for everyone and handed it to him to work his magic!  What YUMMY magic it turned out to be, the food was awesome, Matt!  His, Sous Chef, Miranda, did a great job as well!  My hats off to you both!  Since we were able to eat meals together cooked at our son's home we didn't have to spend the outrageous amount of money it takes to go out to eat!  Also, with being at their home we were able to spend quality time with our grandsons which made great-grandma and grandpa very happy and proud!

Our son, also, entertained them with his high tech phone showing them all the different apps that came on it, especially Google Maps, he found their farm, which blew both of them away!  I love seeing the high tech phone and what it can do but until the day comes when everything is done on that phone (or iPad, or whatever is in when it happens) I will never own one.  It would take up to much of my time trying to figure it all out and then wanting to play with it all the time...something that is not for me!

The boys, Evan and Camden, enjoyed climbing trees, showing off their favorite monkey pose and Evan, 5,  loved showing his great-grandparents his 3rd grade reading ability!  Totally blew them away again!  Camden, 3, loved giving them funny looks when they would ask him silly questions!  I took pictures galore when I had the camera, when I didn't have the camera, Evan or Camden had it and was taking pictures and videos of all our events, which are so wonderful and they loved watching the videos over and over again on my camera even without any sound!  Simple entertainment!

My parents took us all out to eat the last night they were here to Cracker Barrel and Miranda and I and the boys loved looking at all the old toys, Camden loved the old spinning 'Top' and the 'Pop Goes the Weasel' toy (except in this case it was a elephant), I played with him and he would just laugh and laugh.  Evan loved playing with the Magic 8 ball and loved to ask it questions to see what the ball would say and he would get so excited when the ball answered a question right according to him!  It was fun to watch him read the answers but funnier were the questions he asked!  I think I know of 3 things that will be bought for an upcoming birthday and Christmas gift.  You know the most awesome thing was that neither of them asked or begged for any of us to buy them something!  Which totally blew me and my mom away!  They have been taught that you do not ask for anything and I love that their parents have instilled that in them!  For that they will be rewarded and not in gifts but in what they have been taught!  What a great gift their parents gave them and it was free, the learning the child receives and he or she knowing it and embracing it is truly wonderful!  Now, this might not be true in every store, but with the experience that I have seen it is more often than not.

Many pictures were taken, again, outside in the rocking chairs as we rocked away our full bellies and let our food settle.  Then we headed back to their home to get the little munchkins ready for bed before they told great-grandma and grandpa goodbye, then they were fast asleep.  I think a trip to the farm in Oklahoma with those boys is in order, I just hope that we are able to do it before the snow starts falling so they can play outside and enjoy farm living!

I want to thank my parents for coming and spending the time with us all!  We had the best time reminiscing over names of people we went to church with and old neighbors we had back in our home town of Hays, Kansas and where we lived when I was little in Great Bend, Kansas.  Also, remembering my grandparents and great-grandparents and the fun times we had when I was a kid!  It was a wonderful day!!

Probably the most funniest parts for me was the fact that I got them to stay in their jammies until 4:00 pm that day when we were just sitting around relaxing, talking and showing them pictures on the computer.  They have NEVER done that unless they were sick, and they enjoyed it, it was a first for them and they made sure to tell my sisters about it!  So, mom and dad, when you call and I say I am still in my jammies just know that I am having a blast remembering the time you was here and did it with me!!  Much love to all my family, Rich, Mom and Dad, Matt, Miranda, Evan and Camden!!  We really missed my sisters, Becky and Penny, and their families and hope that we will all be together soon!  Simple living is getting closer and closer and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Family is always first in my books!  Family entertainment is free and full of blessings!

Enjoy the simple life,

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