Friday, August 20, 2010

Reducing Debt is key!

“I believe that examining the hidden impacts of all the Stuff in our lives is a way to unplug, which is the first step toward changing things.” ~Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff

Well, we've only just begun!  Canceled our DVR and went down to basic cable...YAY!!  This one made me very happy because I am not a TV fan as it is.  I asked my husband if we can cancel cable all together and he said in time we are taking baby steps!  So baby steps it is and I know at the end it will be so wonderful to save the extra money for something great to do like take a trip to Hawaii!  I just saw on one of my high school classmates facebook page that she and her family went to Hawaii.  I thanked her for posting the pictures and said that, that was probably the closest I will ever get to Hawaii but now that I think about it with all the money we can save after reducing and getting rid of our debt, we could go to Hawaii or anywhere, how AWESOME is that!!  Thank you, Dana, for posting those pictures and making me want that dream even more!!

We are also getting rid of one cell phone and taking our plan down to just a basic plan of 400 minutes.  I had thought I would try the MagicJack phone and see if that would work ( another wonderful idea from a classmate of mine) and so I got it the 1st of April and it works great!!  I love it, it runs through your computer and it only cost me for the magicjack adapter and for the two years of service only $46.90 and that includes $1.00 for insurance in case your dog was to chew it up or something to happen to the adapter and that is for unlimited calls to anywhere in the USA.  Plus, it does have a 911 service and it has our address and if we move we just change on address, wonderful!  Then, I can sign up for a 5 year plan for $59.99 that is ONLY $12.00 a year for phone service for unlimited calling...that is a deal to me!  I would say to get rid of the cell phones all together but I do like having it when we do have to make trips for the fact of Roadside Rescue that Sprint offers for $5.00 a month, I can call them when ever I have a flat or I have spun off the road in the snow to have a tow truck come to me for nothing more than what I am paying Sprint.  It has more than paid for itself already!  So Rich and I will share the cell phone and use the MagicJack land line the rest of the time.  Ca-Ching, Ca-Ching...more money in our bank account, that is what I like to hear!!

Our grandsons and daughter-in-law, Miranda, came over this afternoon and we walked through the house and went through the STUFF that we are getting rid of to see if they wanted any of it and I was glad to see a few things go out the door with them, it made them happy and it made me ecstatic, and am looking forward to more stuff going out via my son and his family or to someone else!

So, now to figure out what we can cut next or get along fine without!  I am thinking the portable dishwasher...I can certainly wash and dry dishes myself along with Rich.  They didn't have dishwashers back in the day, when LIFE WAS SIMPLE, and we didn't have this one when we moved in here, I bought it off of craigslist but do we really NEED it??  I am thinking not!  That will be the next picture going on craigslist, along with a corner desk, baker's rack, 2 TV's, Kirby vacuum, Curio cabinet plus many other things, that is only the tip of the ice burg...Yes, this is quite fun and I am enjoying it very much!  Getting rid of STUFF + Reducing debt = Trip to Hawaii = One very happy lady!! ;o)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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