Monday, September 13, 2010

Death comes so quickly... a thief in the night.  I know that is not how the verse from the Bible says it, but it is so true, it seems like Fred was taken so quickly and without anyone a thief stole his life but in all honesty God just took him home because He had better things for Fred to do. 

We found out this afternoon (Sunday) one of our real good friends and our son's business partner, Fred Greene, had passed away this weekend.  He was found in his apartment today by a good friend who had plans with him and couldn't reach him by phone so he went to Fred's apartment.  That is when he was found.

Fred S Greene, 51: Born 10-2-58 went to Heaven on 9-11-10.

Fred loved playing Mafia Wars on Facebook and this is and always has been his profile picture.  I love it!

Fred had a bigger heart than almost anyone I knew, he would give you the shirt off his back if he knew you needed it.  He was a very loyal man, so if you had the chance to know him, you knew he would do anything to help you or give advice to you.  He and I had many, many talks about my marriage and my family when we were all going through some rough spots.  He had very good advice for me and I told him so!  He lived in a very small and modest apartment...and he always told me he didn't need much to make him happy.  So if he knew it or not he was a minimalist at heart, he lived with only what he needed to live with and nothing more.

He was a very good computer man, he knew computers inside and out and he would help, fix, repair and do whatever needed to be done to your computer without hesitation.  Even if it was his day off he would work on computers if he needed to, he lived and breathed computers.  Fred, never wanted anything for himself with the exception of a good meal and to watch the Huskers play when it was football season!  Probably his only treat in life was having great meals with friends and family!  When it was football season that was a day to celebrate!  He was always giving to others!

He and my son owned a business together named C3 Solutions, Inc here in Lincoln and Fred was the main person to be at the "shop" that is what they called it.  He practically lived there.  Fred and my son, Matt, also were Marine Veterans, they both were very, very close, even with their age difference, they could always find something to talk about.  Fred was a wonderful friend, not only to me and my family but to many, many people and he will be greatly missed but never forgotten!  Semper Fi, Fred!

So, sometimes it seems that it takes something like this to wake people up and ask "Why?" or "What could we have done?" or "Why did this have to happen?" and I have said this to myself, my husband and to my son...We have to learn from what happened to Fred and move on, Fred would not want us stopping and asking the 'why' questions but to learn from this, learn to "Love Life and Not Stuff", which is exactly what Fred did, he loved LIFE and not the stuff so many people get caught up with today!

So, this blog post is dedicated to a wonderful man and a great friend, who never called himself a minimalist, but he only wanted and needed the very least he could have and he was happy!  Happy to be in a small apartment with only the bare essentials but was wealthy in love for his family and friends and the simple but rich life he led.  To this I have learned a very valuable lesson.  Family and friends are more important than any STUFF in my life, as long as I have them I am a very wealthy woman.

To, Fred Greene, I owe you, my friend, for the valuable lesson you have taught me today.  I will see you in Heaven someday.  Rest in Peace, my friend, Rest in Peace.


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