Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simply Car-Free - By, Tammy Strobel

Hello, We have not gotten this far yet in our learning a minimalist lifestyle but maybe and hopefully some day we will but until then we wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy reading my friends!


About Simply Car-free

Five years ago, we lived the “normal middle class” suburban lifestyle. We were newlyweds with flashy rings, living in a two-bedroom apartment, driving two cars, commuting long distances to work and living well beyond our means. The idea of living without a car didn’t seem possible.
By changing our perspective and planning small steps, we learned lessons that simplified our lives and got us out of debt. Going car-free was part of our downsizing process and was one of our first big goals toward living intentionally.
I wrote Simply Car-free to help people achieve their goals of saving money, improving their health, and living a simpler lifestyle. Reducing our dependence on cars clarified our priorities and showed us that anything is possible.

How to Purchase Simply Car-free

Simply Car-free is $9.95 and is an independently produced, digital book. The tips and tools in this book will save you much more than the purchase price.
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“I’ve ridden over 10,000 miles with as much as 200 miles covered in two days. Simply Car-free is the ultimate guide to a better life through cycling.” ~ Gregory Johnson,
“Going car-free isn’t just for the brave anymore. Tammy Strobel explains the essentials behind how you can save thousands of dollars a year, improve your health, and the environment. This isn’t just an e-book, it’s a revolution.” ~Everett Bogue

You Will Learn

  • How to save $8,000 a year.
  • How to rethink necessities and overcome fear.
  • About key bike buying tips.
  • How to get confident on the road.
  • How to go grocery shopping by bike.
  • How to plan your route.
  • And much more.
This e-book contains 80 pages of written content, photographs, and practical tips.

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Cash Back Guarantee

I want to rock your world with this book. If you’re unsatisfied with my e-book, please contact me and I will refund your money.

About The Author

I’ve worked for a variety of non-profits during the last 10 years and recently started my own small business. Currently, I’m a writer based out of Portland, Oregon. I blog about simplicity and car-free living at
Thanks for reading!
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